welcome to dunolly... heart of victoria's gold fields

Buckley’s Of Dunolly

The Goldfields of Central Victoria boasted many fine hotels. Many have fallen into disrepair and others are now private homes.



The Junction Hotel once rang to the sounds of music and laughter as it hosted many grand balls and soirees but, alas, it lost its roof in 1910 and was delicenced.




The Goldfields Junction Hotel, built in 1862, is being restored and has started a new life as a recital centre ; Buckley’s of Dunolly.
Junction House, as it is now known, has once more become a popular seat of enjoyment for audiences far and wide.




Buckley’s of Dunolly
1787 Maryborough-Dunolly Road, Dunolly Victoria 3472
PH. 54 68 1858
Email: rachelbuckley@bigpond.com


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Buckley’s of Dunolly